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Penny Loafers, or Loaf, as we typically call ourselves, is Penn's only indie-pop a cappella group.

We perform an eclectic mix of songs in genres ranging from R&B to electronic to pop & indie, and more.  

To put it simply, we love performing songs from up-and-coming artists and reinventing household jams. 

Beyond this, we're just a basket of freshly baked breadsticks with a strong passion for music.

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The Loafers


Meet the group. 

Comprised of University of Pennsylvania undergraduates from all class years.



News & Updates

NEW ALBUM + Single

Make sure to take a listen to Living in Midnight & Main Girl!

Penny Loafers SPRING Show 2019

Thank you to everyone who came to our Fall Show: No Pain, No Grain! Stay tuned for an announcement of our Spring 2019 show date!

Loafers Live

Indulge in some extra LOAF! Stay tuned for song covers featured on our YouTube page!